You may have noticed that the author of this post is GhostInTheMachine not Ghost in the Machine. This post is on a burner account I made last year when I was having log in issues with Gawker. I want to test something on Kinja 1.2 and if you'll bear with me I'll explain.

This new Kinja is all about the author being engaged with the commenters (or more accurately some of the commenters). But what if the author doesn't participate? FlowerGirlPhysicist did a limited version yesterday and I'm really curious what a post with no author participation for a longer time will evolve into.

So post and reply to other people. Fight to be the Host! Can there be only one? Inquiring minds want to know. I won't interact with the comments from this account unless it's to dismiss a completely inappropriate comment. Otherwise the post author, GhostInTheMachine, will be hands off though I may comment under my main account name Ghost in the Machine.

(While this account has had a few interactions with some commenters that was about nine months ago and anyway that doesn't seem to be a major factor in Kinja's algorithm. And I'm too lazy to make a new burner account for this test when I already have a perfectly good one.)

7:50 am (Pacific Daylight Time) So there's already a major change from yesterday. There's no host/moderator designated anymore. It's a free-for-all in the comments with apparently everyone in the Highlights while hitting All Replies shows everything pending.


8:20 am All the highlighted comments are grouped under "GhostInTheMachine's Group Chat" even though I haven't interacted at all. I'm also getting notifications of replies to anyone in the chat, not just comments on the post that that would get as the author. Feature or bug?

9:30 am Looking at the post from my main account (Ghost in the Machine) I see that MauritiusMauritia is the Host and the only highlighted thread is his group chat. But when I look at the post from the author account it still shows "GhostInTheMachine's Group Chat" with all the replies visible. So the author's view of the comments appears to be different from someone else's. Or different people just see different group chats.

4:25 pm The burner account is now following my main account. It bumped the thread my main commented on to the top of the all replies view but the highlighted view is unchanged.